Sponsor our hunts to introduce your business to crypto-users

We give companies (real life businesses or web-based) the opportunity to sponsor our Treasure Hunts to introduce their business to our crypto community.


Email us at contact@findmyether.com to explore how we could partner.

Some great use cases


You own a website or an app dedicated to crypto users? This is the perfect use case, we can work together to hide a private key on your site or app to get our treasure hunters to explore your website to discover it.


You want to spread the word about your local business? We can operate a Treasure Hunt together to bring some crypto users to your business.


You are the developer of a Crypto Game? This is the perfect use case, we can work togerther to hide our treasure inside your game to get users to explore it while they are looking for our treasure.


Spread the word about FindMyEther on social networks and with your friends! It's a great way to introduce users to the world of Crypto Currencies.


Email: contact@findmyether.com


You can learn more about our advertisers program here. Or contact us directly at contact@findmyether.com.