A unique crypto treasure hunt

We hide some Ethereum around the world and send you clues to help you find them. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the clues.

We had a technical issue with the first clue and had to postpone the Treasure Hunt. We are very sorry and disappointed to miss the deadline. We will need a few days to fix it but don't worry, the Treasure Hunt #1 is coming soon!

830 Hunters waiting for clues, join us!

You will receive an email from us approximatively once every two weeks for the treasure hunts.

Why are you doing this?

The main reason is that it's a really fun project to work on and it could be a great way to introduce users to the crypto currency world. We also think that we can mix that with some smart advertising to help crypto companies gain visibility (we will of course never sell or share your email addresses).

Where will you hide the Ethereum?

We will hide the Ethereum in real world locations around the world or in the digital world (on the source code of a website or inside a mobile app...).

How many Ethereum will you hide?

We will start by hiding between 0.5 and 1 ETH per treasure hunt and might increase this depending on the success of FindMyEther.

Why do you need advertisers?

It can be fun to work with companies to explore how we can use our service to generate trafic to their business or website. We will never sell your email address but might include some sponsors in the clues. This is important to make FindMyEther a sustainable business (it can also help us create bigger treasure hunts).

How can I receive the clues?

You simply have to sign up to our newsletter to receive the clues. You can sign up here.

How can I redeem the Ethereum if I find the treasure?

The treasure will be the private key of an Ethereum account that holds the amount of ether dedicated to the treasure hunt. Once you find it, make sure to transfer the Ether to your own account using services like MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet!


Spread the word about FindMyEther on social networks and with your friends! It's a great way to introduce users to the world of Crypto Currencies.


Email: contact@findmyether.com


You can learn more about our advertisers program here. Or contact us directly at contact@findmyether.com.